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U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Application for Tax-Exempt Transfer of Firearm and Registration to Special Occupational Taxpayer (National Firearms Act)
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing atf form ffl03
everybody it's Jason from the Texas gun vault and tonight now coming to you with a video hopefully a very short video about two silencers or suppressors the ATF as I said in the past couple of videos has been pretty good to me lately I've done a number of form one's gotten those back in you know 22 days or such well a little ago actually was over the summer I filed to form fours somebody I dealt with some FFL transfers with whose also a class-3 dealer was kind of talking to me and says even the market Bernie five six suppressors I go maybe the price is right well he had to Yankee Hill machine phantom five six suppressors one in stainless steel and one in titanium, and he pretty much gave them to me for below 50 what they usually go for every place else he said that these where I guess floor models at a shop that had closed up, and he had bought all of their inventory they were otherwise gunshot and brand new they just had a couple like little handle marks on them and otherwise became in the box the paperwork and all that, and he gave me an incredible deal and I think I filed the forms in early July I want to say like July the 8th or 9th, and now it is mid-october so it's only been about three months and I have these guys in hand I couldn't believe it right now the ATF's in if a branch seems to be processing forms and relatively quick amount of time, so wife took my form ones and my form force it's been done pretty cool it was awesome getting an email and saying my paperwork was done he was even surprised because he has people that still have paperwork out from a year or longer on form for transfers, so anyway I just thought wanted to talk to you guys about this a real fast just bought some more suppressors because they're on a good deal, but these are the Yankee Hill machine phantom which I believe is now on a discontinued model I could be wrong, but I know that the Yankee Hill machine is now making the think it's called the turbo they've kind of gone to the more modern design of the tubeless design where you have the baffles the outer part of the baffles is the actual tube that's welded together this is the tube version I guess, but I guess it says a very similar baffle design it just has a little more more weight to it and I'm really surprised with how light that I titanium suppressor is versus the stainless steel, but anyway I guess this is just kind of a little video this is if you guys are in the market for suppressors or maybe thinking about getting into the NFL world when it comes to silencers now might be the time on the NFL learners group on Facebook we're seeing applications being processed in two and a half months to three months though which is dropped from the bucket compared to what it has been in the past so anyway guys more people out there owning stuff like this the harder it is for them to ban and to regulate further so anyway let me know if you have any questions I just kind of want to show off my three-month wait on — pretty...
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